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As a Certified Master Herbalist & previous Natural Health Care Practitioner, I've always had a keen interest in clean and healthy living.

When my son was born with complications, he was required to spend some time in Neonatal Intensive Care. When we finally got to take him home, his little body was so stressed, that he was unable to tolerate every soap, lotion, cream, and body wash that I tried. Even the products labelled as "natural" or "hypoallergenic" seemed to irritate his skin.  The birth of ClaireEssentials products started as something very personal and close to my heart.  So out of despair and necessity, I got to work creating skin care products that would gently cleanse &  soothe my son's skin, and not leave him with an angry, itchy rash. With my background in Herbalism, I focused on local & botanical ingredients, that I knew would be gentle and healing on the skin.

After a lot of frustration, and many failed batches, I finally had a line of gentle, natural baby care products that my son's skin loved! 

Several years later, and our line of gentle Baby Care Products are a best seller, and we have expanded to include bath products, face care, adult skin care and much more; each product carefully handmade, packed with botanicals, with sensitive skin in mind.

It has been an exciting journey so far, and the opportunity to share our products with the world is a dream come true. We hope you enjoy ClaireEssentials as much as we do!

Claire Elkew, Owner & Founder

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